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Peterborough Hyundai Tires & Wheels

If you're in the market for new tires or wheels for your vehicle, we have what you need at Peterborough Hyundai. We have a large selection of top tire brands and Hyundai wheels that provide additional value and safety for your vehicle.

All-Season Tires

An important way of protecting your investment in your vehicle is to make sure you have proper tires for it. All-Season Tires are optimal in spring, summer, and fall driving conditions when the temperatures do not drop below 7 degrees Celsius. These tires are designed to grip in dry conditions or extract water to provide traction in wet or rainy conditions. We have a large selection of All-Season Tires for your Hyundai with different rim designs so you can make your vehicle stand out and add your own personal touch.

Winter Tires

Harsh Canadian winters can bring snowy, wet and icy road conditions that can be challenging to maneuver. It's essential that you maintain full control of your vehicle during these challenging times and that is why we recommend installing winter tires. We carry winter tires designed to provide your Hyundai with optimal control during the winter season to keep you safe.


You may need to replace a damaged wheel, or you may be looking to customize your vehicles appearance. Whatever your reason, Hyundai wheels are the only ones that are guaranteed to match your model's specifications. The right fit is extremely important as it ensures correct wheel alignment, trustworthy handling, and dependable braking and acceleration. We have different styles of wheels for you to choose from so you can customize the appearance of your vehicle to your liking.

To learn more about our available tires and wheels or if you have any questions please contact our Parts Department at 705-536-6719 or email our Parts Advisor, Cain, at cain.abbott@peterboroughhyundai.com

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