HTRAC AWD System Benefits & Availability

A Hyundai should be your go-to option if you wish to have a vehicle that's well-equipped with the latest options, enhancing your daily commute and weekend getaways with loved ones. At Peterborough Hyundai, we are proud to stock the latest lineup of the newest Hyundai models, providing customers with various options to choose from and explore. However, Hyundais will also have powerful yet fuel-efficient powertrains, which are best paired with the available HTRAC all-wheel-drive system. Not only will this excellent all-wheel-drive system enhance traction for maximum safety, but it will also provide superior performance.

HTRAC AWD System Functions & Features

The HTRAC AWD (Hyundai TRACtion All Wheel Drive) system is a drivetrain option for some Hyundai models while standard on others, providing power to all four wheels strategically to enhance control and traction. You can rely on a Hyundai with this drivetrain system to help you navigate Canada's harsh winter months and less-than-desirable road conditions, giving you the confidence to tackle your commutes without worrying. This system is different from others in that it actively monitors 50 vehicle inputs 100 times per second to determine the torque needed at each wheel. Also, it can monitor wheel spin to alter power delivery between axles and braking pressure to help you remain in control. Additionally, Hyundai models with this drivetrain gain more Drive Modes to adjust to the driving conditions and environment.

Benefits Of The HTRAC AWD System

Besides providing maximum traction for an array of driving situations, the HTRAC all-wheel-drive system only impacts fuel economy slightly, making it superior to alternatives on the market. Also, you can expect this drivetrain to have advanced technology to alter driving dynamics, enhancing driving safety and performance while providing you with more security as you navigate new roads. Other benefits of having a Hyundai with this system include better resale value in the future and access to additional Drive Modes. Those drive modes can vary between Hyundai models, but you can expect Comfort, Smart, Sport, Snow, and ECO modes.

Hyundai Models Available With HTRAC AWD System

When shopping for a Hyundai with the HTRAC all-wheel-drive system, you will be pleased to know that you have various choices, including many SUV models and a mid-size pickup truck. With the current 2023 lineup, some SUV models you can equip with this drivetrain option include the 2023 Tucson, 2023 Palisade, 2023 Santa Fe, 2023 KONA, 2023 IONIQ 5, and various hybrid variants of those models. However, you can also explore the 2023 Santa Cruz, Hyundai's new mid-size pickup truck, with the optional HTRAC all-wheel-drive system.

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