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Car Care Video Tips

Car Care Minute #1 - Winterizing your Vehicle

Follow these easy tips to get your car in tip-top shape for the winter months.

Car Care Minute #2 - Time to Replace Your Vehicle's Cabin Air Filter

Learn the importance of changing your cabin air filter to help improve the air quality inside your vehicle.

Car Care Minute #3 - Sound, Smells & Symptoms

Learn the importance of self-diagnosing your vehicle for symptoms (smell, sound, handling, etc.) prior to bringing your vehicle in for service.

Car Care Minute #4 - What is your Check Engine Light Telling You?

Learn what to do when you see your « check engine » light comes on.

Car Care Minute #5 - 21st Century Tune-Up

Contrary to some beliefs, today's modern vehicles still need tuneups to keep them performing at their most efficient level. Car Care Canada has introduced the 21st century tuneup.

Car Care Minute #6 - A Clean Car Can Lessen Driving Distractions

Giving your car a good, thorough cleaning will go a long way to eliminating hazards that can be distracting and dangerous while driving.

Car Care Minute #7 - Spring Into Vehicle Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time of year to make sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming travel season.

Car Care Minute #8 - 10-Minute Holiday Road Trip Prep

Getting your car ready for a holiday road trip can take as little as 10 minutes. Car Care Canada has a quick checklist to help ensure your vehicle's safety and reliability for your holiday travel.

Car Care Minute #9 - Caring for your Car in the Summer

Summer can be tough on cars. High temperatures can damage batteries as well as stress the cooling system and tires. Car Care Canada recommends that you check certain components periodically throughout the summer.

Car Care Minute #10 - Preventative Steps to a Greener Car

Car Care Canada has preventative maintenance steps you can take to make sure your car is as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

Car Care Minute #11 - Gas Saving Tips

Motorists can't do much about the price of gas but they can stop wasting gas by making sure their vehicles are getting maximum fuel economy.

Car Care Minute #13 - Tire Pressure & Tread Depth

Proper tire pressure and tread depth are critical to good fuel economy, safety, maximum tire life and proper handling performance. Checking your tires frequently helps keep you safe and saves you money at the gas pumps.