Seasonal Service Maintenance

At Peterborough Hyundai, we have a wide selection of new Hyundai models and numerous automotive services to keep your vehicle running and looking its best. Visit our showroom at your earliest convenience, enlist the help of our experts during maintenance, and enjoy your smooth-running vehicle for years to come.

Benefits Of Regular Maintenance

Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs will ensure that you enjoy predictable ownership expenses and a vehicle that function properly and safely. There are multiple maintenance items that you should never neglect, such as oil changes, tire rotations and balancing, transmission service, engine tune-ups, filter swaps, and more. Although you have many options for service, you should only bring your vehicle to a trusted Service Centre like ours to ensure your vehicle receives proper care and attention.

Different Maintenance Per Season

Depending on the season, you must perform different maintenance to ensure your vehicle lasts its entire lifespan without mishaps. You will want fresh oil and a good set of summer tires during the summer months to enjoy your road trips. However, as winter approaches, you will also want fresh oil but need winter tires, new wiper blades, and comprehensive fluids checks and top-offs. Also, there are other maintenance items you will need to address in-between seasons, so make sure to visit our location to learn more about keeping your vehicle in its best condition.

Contact Us

With the driving season changing soon, you will want to book an appointment to bring your vehicle in to get its maintenance done. We are excited to present you with our available automotive services, giving you effortless and seamless vehicle ownership.

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