Whether it’s a new vehicle or a used vehicle, we always ensure the vehicle is in pristine condition when we deliver it to a customer or put it on our lot. When we first get a used vehicle for our inventory it goes to our used vehicle detailing team but some vehicles require more work than others which is the case for this used 2019 Subaru Outback. It was a big job to take on but our detail team was up for the challenge and the end results are incredible. 

Check out the video below to see the transformation from what it looked like when we got it to what it looks like now.



To get this vehicle looking brand new again it took our used vehicle detailing team a total of approximately 8 hours with almost every part of the vehicle requiring attention. Some of the services performed on this vehicle included an exterior wash, deep cleaning of the carpets, engine bay wash, leather shine, tire shine, and lots more. Now that it has been restored to practically brand new condition, it is ready to go out on the lot for showings and test drives! 


When a used car is purchased you can be sure that each one will undergo a thorough inspection so that when you take delivery it not only performs like new, it also looks like new. 


This used 2019 Outback Touring is now available and you can view the listing here. For any questions, iniquities, or you would like to go on a test drive please contact our sales team at 705-876-1224.