Hyundai is always looking to develop new and interesting technical innovations with an eye towards efficiency and affordability for their vehicles. The latest target for this innovative spirit is the cars’ transmission box with the addition of Hyundai Smartstream IVT system.

What is IVT?

The Hyundai Smartstream Intelligent Variable Transmission can best be described as a hybrid automatic and manual transmission. A conventional transmission setup utilizes push belts to change gears and transfer power between them when shifting between gears which leads to a slight drop off in power during these shifts. The IVT system changes this to a first of its kind “chain-belt” setup which has a number of distinct advantages:

● Improved fuel economy

● Smoother and faster gear shifting

● On the fly adjustment to driving conditions


A huge benefit of an IVT is that it simplifies shifting gears when compared to traditional manual transmissions, by sticking with the standard shifting lever common to automatic transmissions which saves new drivers from the trouble of having to learn how to drive a stick shift, while still keeping many of the associated benefits of manual transmissions.

But, reading about Smartstream IVT isn’t the best way to experience this revolutionary transmission system. The best way is to stop in and experience it for yourself with a test drive! The Smartstream IVT is currently available for the Accent, Elantra and Venue and will likely be coming to other Hyundai’s in the not-so-distant future so, stay tuned!

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