Let’s face it parking can be a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to force your car into a tricky parking spot ever again? Hyundai is bringing that dream closer to reality with the introduction of its Smart Park system for the 2020 Hyundai Sonata and NEXO.

How Does Hyundai Smart Park Work?

Using a combination of sensors and cameras, Smart Park will manoeuvre your car into a selected parking space with the push of a button. Smart Park consists of two modes for parking.

Smart Park: Guides the Sonata into an available parking spot once activated by the driver.

Remote Park: Enables you to have the vehicle park for you and is activated by using either your key fob or an optional digital key. As a side note, the digital key is only available for the Android family of phones. Sorry Apple users, you’re stuck with using the fob for the time being.

The remote park function is capable of starting the car and manoeuvring it for up to 23 feet in any direction after which point it will shut down and need to be reactivated. Currently, Smart Park is only available for the Limited trim level on the Sonata. But, on the Nexo, Smart park is more broadly available and comes with a few extra bells and whistles. 


Smart Park on Nexo is referred to as Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA). It includes the same base abilities as Sonata’s Smart Park while adding a couple of additional capabilities that venture much closer to a completely automated parking experience.

Remote Moving: This function enables you to move the vehicle using the fob and saves you the headache of trying to squeeze yourself into the driver's seat when the next car is parked a little too close.

Smart Exit: Allows the vehicle to exit a parking spot without driver input. Great for getting out of tight parallel parking situations.

While Smart Parking tech, in general, is still in its relative infancy you can rest assured that we’ll be seeing a lot more cars incorporate it moving forward.

Looking for a demo of how this all weaves together? The video from Hyundai lays it out quite nicely, or contact us for an in-person demo or more information.

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