Peterborough Pulse is an event for the Peterborough community happening July 27th, 2019 from 10 am-3 pm. This event will feature local vendors and activities for the whole family. It will take place on George St., which will only allow bicycles and pedestrians for the duration of the event.  

This 3-kilometre-long street will be closed to cars for the day as the organizers, Open Streets, would like to encourage people to spend some time getting outside and getting physical. The event is an effort in promoting healthy living, re-imagining public space, celebrating the downtown and enhancing the community bonds by providing free and inclusive activities for all ages like Zumba and Karate.  


What is the Peterborough Pulse Event?

photo by Roger Kisby

The organizers encourage citizens to use active transportation like walking, running, and biking, taking just a few minutes from their day to get some fresh air. Peterborough is a beautiful city with many unique people living in it, Peterborough Pulse celebrates what makes the community of Peterborough special.   

If you happen to own a business on George Street, don’t worry, this event will bring more people to your business as well as making connections with your fellow neighbours who share the area. So, come on out, get creative, and meet your fellow Peterborians 

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